Join The Effort

Join The Effort

Thank you for your interest in our efforts! Farmers are doing their part to protect Iowa’s land and water resources, but some are standing in the way of progress.

Unfairly placing blame on agriculture does nothing to improve Iowa’s water quality. Unjustified claims and frivolous lawsuits – like the one that Des Moines Water Works has filed against a group of Northwest Iowa drainage districts – place unnecessary hardships on Iowa farmers and delay the implementation of cooperative solutions.

Lawsuits are not the answer.

It is crucial that we speak up and stand strong with Iowa agriculture. Failure to do so will drive up food and water costs and drive a wedge between rural and urban Iowa.

We know that water quality is critical, but we must continue improvement efforts in a way that does not impede agricultural production efforts.

Your voice matters – sign up below to support Iowa farmers and the forward-thinking farming practices they implement to protect Iowa’s land and water resources.