Preston Daniels joins Iowa Partnership for Clean Water Board

August 14, 2017

Today, Iowa Partnership for Clean Water (IPCW) announced that Preston Daniels, former Mayor of Des Moines, has joined the organization’s Board of Directors. Daniels joins Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett, Des Moines City Councilwoman Christine Hensley, and Plymouth County Supervisor Don Kass in leading this effort.

In addition to promoting the Nutrient Reduction Strategy and conservation methods employed by Iowa farmers to improve water quality, IPCW focuses on regional water infrastructure and investment issues that impact both rural and urban residents in the growing Des Moines metro area. IPCW believes that as Central Iowa communities continue to plan for their water future, it’s important to understand the factors driving the need for expansion in order to develop the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

In 2016, IPCW commissioned former DMWW CEO L.D. McMullen to review the CH2M report that served as the basis for DMWW’s overall capital improvement plan. The resulting white paper concludes that increased demand due to population growth in the metropolitan area is a primary factor contributing to the need for expansion of DMWW facilities.

Additionally, when all communities in the region face rate hikes and bear the cost of unsuccessful litigation and misplaced priorities, all communities deserve to have their voices heard. This is why IPCW supports the further exploration of a regional water facility.

Daniels is very familiar with issues facing the Des Moines metro area and has been witness to the great growth in the community over the years. He has been involved with various regional efforts over the years, including with the Metro Waste Authority (MWA) and Des Moines Water Works Board. His experience working with key stakeholders in the metro, along with his knowledge of regional cooperation, is a valuable asset to IPCW’s growing education efforts.

“I see opportunity in a new beginning for an old system,” said Former Des Moines Mayor and IPCW Board Member Preston Daniels. “As the very water we drink is clear, so should be our intentions. We need a modern community-focused regional water facility. One that is fiscally responsible, sustainable, and committed to the health, well-being, and growth of our capital region.”

“Our capital region will soon reach one million people, and so we must prepare for the future now,” Daniels continued. “It’s time we work together for the greater good of all our communities.”

For more information about Iowa Partnership for Clean Water, and to view the full white paper mentioned above, visit:

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