Iowa Partnership for Clean Water responds to Des Moines Water Works’ lawsuit and rate increases

April 14, 2017

The Iowa Partnership for Clean Water is disappointed that just shortly after the Supreme Court dismissed Des Moines Water Works’ (DMWW) lawsuit, CEO Bill Stowe threatens double digit rate increases and continues to mislead Iowans about the many causes of increasing costs at DMWW facilities.

Data analyzed from DMWW’s own reports by former DMWW CEO and engineer, L.D. McMullen, indicate that the primary factor affecting the need for increased infrastructure spending is usage due to population growth in Des Moines and its surrounding communities.

DMWW now serves over 20 communities, which purchase the majority of DMWW’s water. These communities, however, have no say in decision-making or rate increases that are implemented. When all communities in the region face rate hikes and bear the cost of unsuccessful litigation and misplaced priorities, all communities deserve to have a voice heard. This is why IPCW supports the further exploration of a regional water facility.

“Unfortunately, as Iowans are trying to move forward to achieve real water quality improvement and explore a regional governance model, DMWW is still blatantly blaming farmers for water treatment costs,” said IPCW board member Don Kass. “Now is the time start collaborating if we are going to make real progress in water quality.”

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