IPCW board member statement regarding the Iowa Supreme Court decision

January 27, 2017

Statement from IPCW board member, Chris Hensley, regarding Iowa Supreme Court decision:

“Iowa Partnership for Clean Water supports the decision of the Iowa Supreme Court to dismiss a number of counts in the Des Moines Water Works’ lawsuit against Sac, Calhoun, and Buena Vista counties.

As we have stated previously, Iowa law clearly stipulates that drainage districts cannot be sued for monetary damages (Fisher v. Dallas County, 369 N.W.2d 426), and that neither counties nor boards of supervisors can be held liable for monetary judgments against drainage districts.

The lawsuit brought forth by the DMWW is divisive and has done nothing to improve water quality. IPCW released a white paper that concludes increased demand due to population growth – not changing nitrate levels – in the metropolitan area is the primary factor contributing to the need for expansion of DMWW facilities. IPCW believes that collaboration, as Iowa farmers have and continue to do around the state, is key to improving water quality and encourages DMWW to follow suit.”


About Iowa Partnership for Clean Water
Iowa Partnership for Clean Water (IPCW) is a 501c4 organization dedicated to broadening the understanding of agriculture, as it pertains to clean water and conservation initiatives within our state. IPCW brings together active voices within Iowa to promote the environmentally responsible practices that Iowa farmers employ to ensure the health and safety of all Iowa citizens. For more information about Iowa Partnership for Clean Water, and to view the full white paper, visit: www.iowapartnershipforcleanwater.org/white-paper.

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